Monday, June 9, 2008

Leaving Cambridge

Wow! Talk about send-offs, Miles has had one after another. He's made some really great friends here and is very sad about leaving them. There was the custom ugly doll that Elliott designed for Miles (incorporating of Miles' favorite uglydoll features), the cool uglies that Miles, Aidan & Ean designed and that Ann sewed up for Miles, a creature created by Charlotte, a party at school and cake (courtesy of Elliott's mom Margy), a Baldwin Elementary t-shirt and handmade card, both signed by all the kids in his class, and endless playdates and sleepovers up to the last hour. I think he was really moved by all the kindness and love showered on him. He couldn't bring himself to say goodbye. So instead he said, "I'll see you soon...even if it's just on Skype."

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