Friday, June 27, 2008

15 days,16 states, and some 3800 miles later...

...we're home. Miles was so excited to be home that he started hootin' and hollerin' in the car as soon as we left Ellensburg, and he didn't stop until he was in his room. When we get our internet connection hooked up, I'll post some video. We got home on Monday, but took me until today to get around to posting.

We had lunch at Elk in Spokane with Laurine and Colette. They are both friends of mine from college, they didn't know each other in school. They work across the hall from each other and until November didn't know that I was a mutual friend. Small world!

Made a quick visit to Gingko State Park in Vantage.

We stopped in Ellensburg for some dinner and a quick visit to
Dick and Jane's Spot.

Then we hustled on home. Now the real fun begins as we unpack and get resettled.

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