Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 9: The Rodeo Queen of HF Bar Ranch

We arrived last night at this rustic and beautiful guest ranch in Saddlestring, WY. Seems like most of the guests here are from the east coast and have been coming here for many years. But how did I become the Rodeo Queen?

This morning as we were getting outfitted for our morning horse ride, the horse I was going to ride freaked out. No one knows why. My stirrups were just being adjusted when Chester (the horse) started rearing way back on his hind legs. He reared back a few times as I held onto the saddlehorn for dear life. He then reared so far back that he fell backwards, at that point I fell off, landing on my head and shoulder. Chester fell next to me, partially landing on my left leg. He then jumped up and ran away; I covered my head hoping he wouldn't accidentally run over me. No one knows why he freaked, there was speculation that a bug might have been biting him under his saddle. But I think he just didn't feel like going to work.

Aside from some sore muscles, and some scrapes, cuts, and bruises, I'm fine. I'm thankful that there happened to be a vacationing physician standing right there, who promptly checked me out.

I am also very thankful that I did not land in any horse droppings littering the corral.

After scrapes were dressed, we swapped my horse out and then went for a short ride. That is how I came to be the rodeo queen. Anyone interested in vying for the title?


Anonymous said...

congrats on the title. when are you cowpokes going to be rolling into town? we are going to be neighbors soon. Im moving to my new place in Seattle on the 1st! See you soon myspace me! Love Robin.

Ryan said...

I finally caught up on all the goings on in the Seinfeld family and I end with this post. Awesome! You are very lucky you did not break something.

Happy travels and shoot over an email when you are back.

More pics in the album from our recent outtings. check it.