Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 12 & 13: Yellowstone National Park

As you can see, Yellowstone is teeming with interesting wildlife.

We watched Old Faithful blow on the early side.

Got caught in a buffalo traffic jam.

Saw the immense Norris Geyser Basin...

...the dramatic Lower Falls that carved the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone...

...the beautiful West Thumb Geysers (this is Seismograph Geyser)...

...and Mammoth Falls which reminded us of Pamukkale in Turkey. Photo courtesy of Miles.

We saw some moose and later some elk and a quick glimpse of a bear.

Unfortunately we did not spot these two. Cellphone coverage was very spotty and made it impossible to hook up. We later learned that Pere and Marta were also in Bozeman the same day as us.

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