Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Things we had forgotten about Seattle

1. Spiders!!! Yikes, there are so many spiders here. We haven't seen spiders in many MONTHS, and now that we are back we remember that when you walk around here it's best to wave your arms in front of you to prevent walking squarely into and inadvertently eating a bit of web.

2. How wonderful the farmer's markets are around here...so great to be back at just the right time to enjoy them.

3. Just how tasty the raspberry glazed old-fashioned is at Top Pot.

4. How early you have to get to Blue "C" Sushi to get seated in less than 30 minutes.

5. How much driving one has to do in Seattle. We really miss the public transportation and the walkability of Cambridge and Boston.

6. How stunning the mountains look in the summer light and how the views of the mountains makes all the driving around much more enjoyable.

7. How much we take fantastic asian food (groceries and restaurants)for granted here. I've always heard how inferior various asian food is in Seattle. Let me tell you Seattle has Boston and many large cities (except SF and Vancouver BC of course) beat by a long shot!