Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 10: Cowboy Miles

Yesterday, after I was thrown off the horse, Keith asked the Head Wrangler at the ranch if he knew any good cowboy cures. His answer was something like, "Drink lots of beer."

This morning when we were trying to rouse Miles for breakfast, Keith asked Miles if he knew any good cowboy morning songs. Miles replied in his best cowboy drawl, with his eyes still closed, "'s called Let's get drunk and stay in bed." He really has got the hang of this cowboy thing.

Forgot to mention that yesterday we went skeet shooting. Miles and Keith were awesome, I think Keith hit over half of the clay pigeons. Miles was close behind. We won't talk about my performance, even though I was the only one who had ever shot skeet before. But at least I didn't shoot anyone, unlike that famous duck/friend shooting Wyomingite who lurks in the dark shadows of the White House.

Note: I'm posting these with the dates they actually occurred rather than the post date due to access problems along the way.

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