Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 2: Gettysburg and Kennywood Park

This may be sacrilegious, but Gettysburg was sort of underwhelming. The Cyclorama was being restored and so was not open for viewing, which was a disappointment as that is one of the most interesting sights at Gettysburg. The new visitor center and museum is a worthwhile visit. Touring the battlefields was perhaps the most tedious aspect of the visit.

Some tips in case you decide to visit Gettysburg:
1) if you'd like a private guide you need to be at the Visitor's Center by 8AM.
2) don't waste your money on the big movie with the Hollywood voice-overs. Much better and free film snippets are shown at the various exhibits in the Visitor Center.
3) don't buy the Travel Brains audio tour unless you plan to follow the tour exactly as specified. We wanted to have an a la carte tour, but the way the CD is formatted and labeled made that completely unfeasible.

Pennsylvania monument at Gettysburg.

Kentucky monument at Gettysburg,
at least the only one we saw during our visit.

Our visit to Kennywood Park just outside of Pittsburgh was a hit though. We loved it!

Miles and Keith loved the roller-coaster rides. Two of them take full advantage of being built on a hill over looking the water. I loved the vintage rides and old Luna Park style buildings. The staff were all very friendly, and even helped retrieve Keith's cellphone when it was lost on the roller-coaster.

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