Saturday, September 1, 2007

How did we get so lucky?

For the past two weeks, I have been overwhelmed by how kind and generous everyone has been. My Mom took time off work to pull a marathon packing and cleaning session. My neighbor Jan treated me to an amazing breakfast and strong black tea after the last cleaning marathon. Rosa and Michael let Miles and me stay at their place (and catch up on Flight of the Conchords). Kelly Jo and Chris let us stay at their place spa for five nights. Hans pulled together the nicest send-off I ever saw in my 12 years at MSNBC. Jen, Ryan, Tessa, and Vashon helped me get out of my office (have you ever packed up an office you've occupied for 10+ years?). Travis and Kim had dinner delivered to our apartment in Cambridge tonight which was a real Godsend. And then there are the kind words and good wishes of so many wonderful friends, people from the neighborhood, and friends from work. I don't think we could ever thank everyone enough for all they have done. I'm left wondering how Keith, Miles, and I got so lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

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