Saturday, October 6, 2007

My sister is running the Portland marathon on Sunday

A marathon is an amazing feat for anyone, but especially for Jenn. She has had major nerve problems with her spine and the bottoms of her feet (neuropathy), so even just standing or walking is intensely painful. The doctors have told her they can't do anything for her except help her manage the pain with very stong medications. About two years ago, she decided that since she was going to be stuck with the pain the rest of her life she was going to mentally push through the pain and try to get something of a normal life back for herself. Running the Portland Marathon became one of her goals.

She's running on Sunday, if you want to track her progress on race day, enter bib # 8482 7647 when you go to

I think Jenn's committment and stamina is impressive and inspiring.

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John, Nicole, Charlie & family said...

Jennifer's persistence is admirable with all the medical challenge she did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a day at a time
We love you jennifer Mom, Dad and Charlie