Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ahhh....the west coast

Last weekend we went to Cardiff-by-the-Sea for Linda aand Rudolf's wedding. We also squeezed in some time at Legoland and at the beach.

We really loved being on the west coast again. You know California drivers aren't really so bad. And everyone was so friendly. Miles spent much of the weekend trying to convince us to drive to Seattle to visit friends.

UPDATE: I realize that I forgot to mention our very fun visit to the Museum of Making Music...it is definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. The museum has a ton of instruments on display, including the larget ukele collection you might ever see and walks you through various eras in music starting with Sousa (did that his dad added the USA to the family name "So" when he immigrated to the US?) Anyway the best part is that at the end there is a room filled with musical instruments that you can play. Among the instruments we played a theremin(so cool!), DJ turntable/mixer system, electric cello, drumset, violin, and so on. We easily spent more than an hour in that room alone.

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