Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Gullibles

Miles and his friends at school have made up a series of characters called "The Gullibles". The Gullibles include Gullible Donut (seen above), Gullible Muffin, Gullible Scone, Gullible Grappling Hook, Gullible Martian, and Gullible White Blood Cell. More characters are being added all the time.

This week's Gullible's segment: "Gullible Donut & His Hatred of Stairs" (as dictated by Miles)

Gullible Donut (aka GD) hates climbing stairs, so he removed the stairs in the Gullibles house. This meant everyone was using the banisters, but GD hates banisters,too. So, he placed a trampoline outside his second floor bedroom window and placed a cannon behind it. Every morning when GD wants to go downstairs, he jumps out his bedroom window, bounces off the trampoline and lands on the ground.

When GD wanted to go back to his room, he climbed into the cannon and pushed a button to shoot himself through his bedroom window and into his bed. Some of the other Gullibles decided to move the cannon closer, which caused him to fly over his bed and smack into the wall.

GD is not the sharpest knife in the drawer (he hates when we say that because he has a fear of knives...look at the shape of his head and you'll see why), so when he went back and adjusted the cannon, he moved it a little too far. The next attempt to get back upstairs, he smacked into the side of the house, slid down the wall, and landed flat on his face with great force on the trampoline. Of course, he started to bounce. He bounced up onto the roof and down the chimney. It just so happened to be Christmas eve so all the other Gullibles thought it was Santa and came down to greet him. Instead they found GD sitting in the fireplace looking in their stockings and removing the things he liked.

Moral of the story: Never move a cannon...and don't remove stairs without a smart plan to replace them.

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