Monday, May 26, 2008

Half Moon Beach and more

What a busy Memorial Day weekend! Today we took Elizabeth and Stella (Fellow Julie Robotham's kids) with us to this sweet beach in Gloucester, located in Stage Fort Park. It's tiny, but so picturesque. Then after arriving home and a quick clean-up we headed over to see Dr. Who (1968) courtesy of Anne Slinn and her husband Chris (actually it was at the great house of a couple of their friends). These friends host a film night in their theater every Monday. Nice set up and a nice group of people, too.

Yesterday after Miles got back from a sleepover we hightailed it to see Blue Man Group Tubes show in Boston. It is such a visually arresting show and fun, too! Keith and I saw it in NY with our friend Michelle in 1993(?). Some pieces we saw back then are still in the show. When we saw the show in NY, we were tapped to play the "late arrivals" who are spotlighted and projected onto the big screen with loud alarms blaring. That bit is still in the show today! It's really a great show for kids in the 8+ range.

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