Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Miles meets Ann Downer (author of Hatching Magic)

Miles and I have been lucky to participate in a wonderful Mother/Son book group since September. Our last book was a fantasy book set in Cambridge called "Hatching Magic".

Ann Downer, the author, very graciously came to our book club meeting and answered everyone's questions about the book. She showed us her thick, marked up manuscripts and walked us through the writing and editing process. It was so interesting (and it should quiet any whining about editing drafts at school). Then, she read from her new book and gave everyone a free copy...and she signed them too.

Miles thoroughly enjoyed "Hatching Magic", so Ann's visit will be quite a memory for some time.

Here's Ann personalizing and signing the books.

The boys making dragons and dragon eggs out of fimo clay.

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Ann Downer said...

And I had a wonderful time, too! Enjoy the rest of your time in Cambridge and don't forget to submit art for the Readers' Art Gallery at anndowner.com