Sunday, February 24, 2008

Launch Party

Yesterday was Miles' birthday party. Bonnie of Children's Technology Workshop did a great job leading a squirmy crew of boys through the process and the physics of building catapults. It's amazing what chaos a small band of 8-9 year old boys can generate! They quickly jumped into modifying their new creations with thicker rubberbands...or more of them to get more power. As you can imagine, they wanted to launch wet sponges, grapes, stuffed animals, etc.

Everyone got mustaches in their goody bags and looked great in them, but somehow we didn't manage to get many good shots. Here's one of Miles in a rather distinguished looking one.

Oh and here's a snap of Miles' teacher leading the class in singing Happy Birthday when we brought in cupcakes. It happened to be Pajama Day.

1 comment:

ryan maas said...

Happy Birthday Miles.

What a great idea for a birthday. How to build stuff that shoots stuff and is cool and all that.

now how did you make those rock horns again?