Thursday, January 31, 2008

If this line of study was a major, what would it be?

Harvard started back up this week, so Keith and I are busily shopping classes. MIT starts next week. One thing I love about this academic set-up is that my slate of classes don't need to add up to any particular major. When you see my list of classes, you'll understand why I say that. Here's what's on my short list this semester:

- Near East History from rise of Islam to the 11th century
- Czech Culture from Prague Spring to Velvet Revolution
- Decipherment (learning to decipher ancient texts - this looks so fun)
- Politics of Congress (taught by the professor that leads the program that all newly elected members of Congress take!)
- Quantitative Reasoning OR Psychology & Economics
- Women Writers of Imperial China
- Strategic Organization Design (my only MIT class this semester)

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