Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday at the ICA

After a torrential downpour kept us home most of yesterday, we were anxious to get out of the house today. We treked over to the ICA in Boston and took in a few exhibitions. The art was great, but so are the uninterrupted water views through the immense glass walls, in some places it feels as though you are dangling over the water.

The National Design Triennial (organized by the Cooper-Hewitt) was a mix of stuff we've all seen (e.g.,Boeing 787) and more obscure work. I was most captured by the inkjet printed textiles of Hitoshi Ujiie. You have to see it in person to see the tremendous delicacy of the lines.

We also enjoyed the Louise Bourgeois exhibit, but it left me wanting more. She is 95 and still making art -- what a force! There's a good piece about her in the Guardian UK.

There was also some fantastic work in their regular gallery. I was really taken with a suspended sculture by Cornelia Parker entitled "Hanging Fire (Suspected Arson)".

This image doesn't really convey the power of the piece. The suspended black material is charred wood, the remains from the alleged arson of a workshop.

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