Saturday, August 25, 2007

Coast-to-coast Day 3

From Miles City we set our sights on North Dakota. We stop-off at Teddy Roosevelt National Park in the Dakota Badlands. It’s like a smaller scale Grand Canyon. Maybe it was bad for farming, and bad for trying to navigate on horseback. But amazing scenery. Prairie dogs, prickly-pear cactus, bison, and scoria (that’s a geology term we learned). The park is built around the historic western town of Medora (beware of the $5 coffee). On to Bismarck, ND – a sad capitol city, maybe the ugliest either of us has seen. DQ was the best we could manage for lunch. Then, dinner in Fargo, which seems to be the end of Western landscapes and Western style towns. It has a kind of nice, reviving downtown. Dinner at Sammy’s Pizza, which boasts “#2 Pizza in the U.S.A.” (as rated by some New York outfit). It’s been there for 50 years and has a unique crispy crust. Worth the stop. Onward to St. Cloud, MN, Days Inn, check in after 9 pm.

Jake really liked these kiosks in Fargo

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